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Going all gonzo

We have said in the past that adventure is not only confined to dangerous exploration or record breaking: every time we learn or do something differently we embark on a journey. It’s up to us to see how far we go. For that reason we decided the covers of Avaunt – rather than simply illustrating a story that appears inside the magazine – should be a quest in their own right. Each one will be handed to a creative to envisage: a blank canvas, as it were. The brief will always be, simply, the word ‘adventure’.
Out 003 023
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For our second issue, we invited the London-based photographer Jack Davison to interpret the theme. “I really wanted to photograph

“I really wanted to photograph something that’s accessible to all. I wanted to shoot the subject in abstract too, focusing on the motion and movement of a person or object. I’d heard great things of The Fitzroy Lodge boxing club, in south London, and thought that shooting the training of a boxer would distil the emotion and energy I was after. I use...

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