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Avaunt Issue 3 - Spring 2016

Editors’ Letter

Par Ben Saunders and Dan Crowe - 1 mn

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A note on the cover

“When you start an expedition, you feel that everything is flat; everything is white all the way to the horizon. Your relationship to the environment is developing, and eventually you see that it’s not white, it’s variations of white, it’s a bit greenish, reddish; and the surface is not flat either...”

So remarked to Avaunt the deep-thinking, alarmingly accomplished and disarmingly candid Norwegian explorer, Erling Kagge. The comment is compelling because, beneath the whizz-bang spectacle of his record-breaking achievements, we see the development of nuanced understanding – of perceiving one’s world more fully – that endeavour brings with it.

This is what we are interested in at Avaunt: using adventure and innovation to see beyond the normal, to journey into the uncharted – pursuing discovery itself, rather than, necessarily, a fixed outcome or destination.

And despite our admiration for Kagge, we are far from being all about Scandinavian alpha-male explorer archetypes. As we go ...

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