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Avaunt - Issue 4

Editors’ letter

Par Ben Saunders and Dan Crowe - 1 mn

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Einstein was, of course, right: there are gravitational waves, caused by violent explosions and neutron stars, rippling through the universe. Earlier this year the Italy-based physicists of the Virgo research team announced that they had finally detected such waves caused by two merging black holes. Avaunt was granted exclusive access to Virgo’s interferometer, a device that can measure quantities so infinitesimally small that they are almost impossible to comprehend. As we explain in our story, Virgo’s pioneering work will allow humankind to view the universe in completely new ways, right back to the big bang. Einstein would be delighted.
On the other side of the world, in what seems a different universe, the urbanisation of ancient land in Ethiopia is bringing potential freedom and greater power for the region’s population, as well as profound disruption. For the Omo Valley and the 500,000 people who live along its epic winding river, development is bringing environmental cala...

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