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Original Rituals by Ivana Boris
I was in the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco when my eye was caught by a lookdown fish. I loved their silvery patterning and became intrigued by their world – how they act in a group and respond to a clear hierarchy, and how, depending on whether they are hunting or in danger, they adjust the way the light reflects off their scales. I never take photographs in isolation – they are always part of a series. This image comes from Original Rituals, where I compare the instinctive ritual activity of fish with how we act day to day. Just like the lookdown fish, we react to our environments, adapting how we behave depending on the social situations we are in, and I’m curious as to whether this is instinctive, as with the fish, or something we have learnt from birth.

Ivana Boris is an Italian photographer based in Monaco

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