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SvalSat by Greg White
I like to maximize the opportunities I get when on assignment, to take time out and shoot personal work. When I found myself heading to Svalbard – a Norwegian island midway between the mainland and the North Pole – I looked into finding the most interesting (and technological) sites around. Luckily Svalbard has a few, including its satellite station, SvalSat. Established in 1997, SvalSat is recognized not only as the mostly northerly, but also the best-located satellite ground station in the world. It’s the only station able to provide all-orbit support to operators of polar orbiting satellites. While there, I was fortunate to gain access to one of the antennas that are used for telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) and for data reception. I was surprised at the speed with which they move when tracking a satellite – the dish took 20 seconds to travel from left to right, illustrating the incredible speed at which satellites move across the sky. The noise, too...

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