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Avaunt - Issue 6

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Par Jason Silva - 2 mn

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Up Close : Ice Fishers

‘Human beings are attracted to novelty: to probe the ‘adjacent possible.’ We didn't stay in the caves. We didn't stay on the planet, and soon we won't stay within the limitations of our biology. We move forward. We transcend our limits.’

At the turn of the last century, Jean-Marc Côté and a team of French illustrators offered a futuristic vision of the year 2000. The images, produced on cards, look like the fevered brainchild of Heath Robinson and Steven Spielberg, ranging from comic absurdity to ingenious prescience. Yet they remain compelling because the future, like the past, is a different country for all of us. We are tantalised by the thin line between what will prove possible and what will remain impossible.

Each day, individuals across the world are constantly trying to shift that thin line between the possible and the impossible. Some of those pushing the boundaries, like Elon Musk, whose 700 mph Hyperloop train we feature, are infamous. Some of them, like Michael Green,...

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