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Issue #9

About a Painting

Par Karen Sofie Egebo, Photography Marina Denisova - 5 mn

There is a painting some thousands of kilometres from my home. The painting is gigantic and yet it is suitably framed by two mountain chains. The painting constantly changes and never looks the same. I belong in that painting, but only on holidays.

There is a wall of green tones, light and dark, weaving in and out of each other, connected by intricate lines and small dots. You can look at it from the rooftop, it’s as if it is being painted right there in front of your eyes. Out there on the big plain is the canvas. The sun and the clouds dispense the colours and shades, never ending, constantly moving their brush strokes. Hours can fly by looking at the scenery; nothing much happens and yet it always seems to be changing. Sometimes you can see a little car carving its way through the tableau, before vanishing into a new canvas. But mostly it’s just nature.

To a Scandinavian originating in the flatlands, the painting in Italy is almost magical. You find yourself elevated, looking d...