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Issue #9

Blended together, Conversation : Erika Zorzi & Matteo Sangalli

Par Heather C. McCalla - 8 mn

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Stockfleths, KAFFE OG TE

Heather C. McCalla in conversation with Erika Zorzi & Matteo Sangalli Founders of Mathery Studio Photography Frances F. Denny

I am sitting with designers Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli in a packed coffice in Brooklyn. I have to admit the duo is not exactly what I expected. The Italian couple is gorgeous (that part wasn’t a surprise). But, they remind me of Italian hippies: Both have long dark hair, which Matteo keeps pulled back while Erika allows her naturally curly locks to cascade loosely around her face. She has bright blue eyes that are at once inquisitive and electric, like a neon sign that lights up the dark night. He speaks softly and soulfully.

I showed up a little early, so I am already halfway through my cold brew by the time they arrive. Matteo orders an espresso (also not a surprise) for himself and a simple cup of joe with milk for Erika.

Non-surprises aside, what hits me as truly remarkable, is how subtle these designers are.

The Italian duo couldn’t be any furth...

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