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Issue #9

Kindred Tigers, Conversations : Hana Ardelean & Jen Dionne

Par Sussane Petterson - 10 mn

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Taking Shape, Conversation : Julia Laub & Cedric Kiefer

Susanne Pettersen in conversation with Hana Ardelean & Jen Dionne The fierce & fiery duo known as Tiger Tiger Photography Skandia Shafer

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IN OUR SHORT BREAKS FROM LAUGHTER and sips of coffee, I can’t help but wonder – how is it possible that the two ladies sitting across the table from me have already accomplished so much? Yet, I am convinced we have seen nothing compared to what is to come. Hana Ardelean and Jen Dionne are the fierce and fiery duo known as Tiger Tiger, and I think I’ve come to learn their secret: Purpose is found in attacking opportunities.

Accident or grand design, I would like to argue that there is no coincidence that Hana and Jen knew they were going to have a business together. But who would have thought that flicking through the pages of a magazine an evening in Echo Park, would later be recalled as the early beginnings of their photography business?

We could do this! This could be fun!», they told each other while looking at event photos posted in the m...

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