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Issue #9

Letter from the Editor

Par - 2 mn

As a magazine celebrating the analogue, we aim for a certain timelessness in the writing we publish on these pages. And we believe this issue serves as a testament to that. When flicking through the magazine, you might pick up on phrases like «October rain» or «September heat», as the publication has been delayed a few months due to some unwelcomed financial issues. But the writing is still as relevant today, as it was at the time our writers were chasing that initial deadline.

Especially the collection of personal travel essays is written to stand the test of time, and should be as relevant down the line as it is today. For our editor, essays are both her favourite genre to read, and her favourite genre to write. And we are excited to introduce these new essayistic voices to you, with their strong personal (and sometimes anthropological) reflections on travel, society, and themselves. As our journey takes us from featuring destinations in their own right, to exploring places thro...