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Issue #9

Quintessentially Joburg, Conversation, Adriaan Hugo & Katy Taplin

Par Sylvia E. Mckeown - 15 mn

Sylvia E. K. Mckeown in conversation with Adriaan Hugo & Katy Taplin the furniture duo Dokter & Misses Photography Simiato Matik.

It takes us a while to find a table that both husband and wife, Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin of the multi-disciplinary product design company; Dokter and Misses (DAM), can agree has the best ratio of sun to shade. We finally find ourselves a satisfactory dappled-light seating arrangement on the pavement outside the only restaurants open in the area on a Monday; a souvlaki take away joint run out of a shipping container, and a dessert shop in an old Ford truck that serves the traditional Afrikaans indulgence of coffee with condensed milk. In an effort to find Katy some lunch, we had made the move from their workshop space to Maboneng, a buzzing restaurant and artist district just a few blocks away. Legend has it that the developers in the area just casually one day renamed the district after the Sotho word meaning:Place of Light, just because they thought...