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Issue #9

T-Michael new project: Friends With The Rain.

Par Vilde Valerie Bjerke - 9 mn

Vilde Valerie Bjerke in conversation with Alexander Helle & t Michael the duo dressing up as norwegian rain photography Thea Løvstad.
Out 020 010

There’s no denying that rain brings out strong emotions, whether it’s melancholy as the past is washed away, ecstasy in letting your inner child jump in a muddy puddle, or a yearning for that true romance which Hollywood teaches us is born out of mid-tempest make out sessions. Still, the rain-induced feeling the poets among us often forget, is the misery of getting involuntarily soaked to the bone after a mere five-minute walk. Enter the gentlemen behind Norwegian Rain to save the day.

Out 020 009

It’s a warm afternoon in Milan, and the Italian capital of fashion and design is buzzing with life. The vibrant metropolis is an internationally recognised arbiter of fine taste, and for the last months, it’s also been the home of Alexander Helle. The year is 2007, and the dreamer from the north is on exchange at Bocconi University, where he’s just about to finish th...