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Issue #9

Taking Shape, Conversation : Julia Laub & Cedric Kiefer

Par Will Gibbens - 11 mn

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Two Scorpios, Conversation : Bjarne Bare & Behzad Farazollahi

Will Gibbens in conversation with Julia Laub & Cedric Kiefer the duo behind onformative.
Out 039 027

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that onformative is rooted in a collaborative partnership. After all, collaboration and interactivity seem to be the only constants in their diverse portfolio of technology-driven art and design. I was eager to find out the key to their successful partnership, to learn more about their creative process and their innovative use of technology to produce stunning visual art.

At first glance, their recent multimedia installation Collide featuring a 20-metre digital video screen and a 54-channel speaker system, is an intriguing artistic statement in its own right: The wall-length screen projects hypnotic abstract shapes in radiant colour combinations, fading rhythmically in and out of the visual space as the speakers hum an entrancing soundscape played on three cellos. Yet beneath its sleek, multi-coloured surface, Collide is actually an intricate give-and-take...

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