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Issue #9

The Constant Rush Hour of Seoul

Par Marthe Y. M. Hansen, Photography Nina Ahn - 4 mn

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The Big Fluff

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As soon as you step out of the crowded airport railroad, it becomes apparent that Seoul, housing almost half of the South Korean population, possesses an atmosphere and energy that can make you feel quite alien as a visitor, yet far from unwelcome. Actually, this sense of unfamiliarity and feeling lost, is something I have been longing for, which is why Seoul might just be the perfect place to stock up on a few Lost in Translation moments. As this bustling city will be my home for the upcoming months, I will have plenty of opportunities to get lost in between lectures and assignments.

It takes less than ten-seconds of breathing in the Seoul air for it to once again dawn on me why locals tend to recommend foreigners to visit during spring or late autumn. Although it is just one year since my last time here, I had forgotten the degree of impact the heat and humidity of August can have on this place. It covers the whole of the city, and at the rise of dawn – it almost becomes visible...

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