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Issue #9

Travels in Identity

Par Rebecca Hawkes, Photography Rebecca Hawkes - 5 mn

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Words from the woods

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On the precipice of a grand adventure, travel daydreams swing from the delight of possibilities to the fear of the unknown. Thoughts become bittersweet like Midsummer in June, when the longest day is already finished, but you didn’t yet realise it was summer. The unknown both thrills and fuels my creativity, but it also sparks the fear of what could be forgotten.

To travel, can be to see the world with the same curiosity as a child, the nervous tottering on fresh unbalanced feet, and with the same anxious jubilation that we could fall to the ground at any given moment. It is about taking the risk that the world will no longer look the same, and to be okay with that. Perspectives change, places and people with them. Being on the edge of a journey is to know that no matter wether you choose to stay or go, the world will keep on turning.

Five years ago, I took the leap, without a plan – just a desire – to be with another person. It didn’t matter what geo-location or plans we ha...

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