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Issue #9

Two Scorpios, Conversation : Bjarne Bare & Behzad Farazollahi

Par Erika Hebbert - 13 mn

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Quintessentially Joburg, Conversation, Adriaan Hugo & Katy Taplin

Erika Hebbert in conversation with Bjarne Bare & Behzad Farazollahi the founders ff Melk Photography Erika Hebbert

In a rather quiet street, surrounded by typical old Oslo buildings, where you wouldn't think you would find a gallery or a store, only apartment buildings, my eyes are drawn to a big black door. The sign is a bit difficult to spot as it is black too, almost like a statement, but with a closer look I can see the four letters: MELK

I ring the doorbell but nobody answers. The morning is still young and warm, so I turn towards the sun and wait for the next move. After a couple of minutes, I see a tall man in dark sunglasses and dark clothing walking towards me. I assume it’s Behzad. We shake hands and he tells me that Bjarne is on his way, and that last night was a long night. They held the opening of Kristina Bengstsson’s latest exhibition. He opens the door and we immediately enter the gallery room.

Three steps down and I am surrounded with art. Behzad says that he wi...

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