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Issue #9

Unturned leaves

Par Megan Abbott, Photography Issy Crocker - 9 mn

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When you live in the concrete web of a capital city, it can be easy to miss the seasons. Especially in London, where a summer’s day can mean galeforce winds and relentless drizzle, and midwinter can bring a snap of blue sky. England’s climate is confusing at the best of times, like an outlandish stage actress who can slide in and out of character at the drop of a hat. In London, the small details that spell the changes in season are nothing more than background colour. Winter slides into spring quickly, and doesn’t stick around to say goodbye. It just flees with nothing more than a dip in temperature. It is only in the countryside that the wild, dramatic transformation of the seasons can really be seen. Which is why my best friend and I decided to take a trip to the North Norfolk coast on the first day of September. We wanted to watch summer turning into autumn.

We left London early on a Thursday morning, the clouds thin and low. Our flat is buried in the East End, where police...