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#1 - Brett Kavanaugh and the American justice

Afghanistan 17 years on, The war the world forgot

Par Emma Graham-Harrison, Abigail Fielding-Smith and Jessica Purkiss - 5 mn

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Relentless A woman is rushed from the scene of a car bomb in Kabul in 2009. Violence continues today ADAM FERGUSON

30 June 2018
24 hours of violence

One day in the Afghan war after the three-day ceasefire between Taliban and government forces ended

The first death happened soon after midnight, a policeman killed on night watch near the Tajik border. The bloodshed continued as the sun rose, and as night fell again.Three beheadings at a school, and an airstrike after 11 pm were the last of the conflict-related violence recorded in Afghanistan on 30 June. Taking place on the first day after a three-day ceasefire, these incidents were the culmination of a day of murder and maiming, shootings, explosions, aerial bombardments and one unclaimed political assassination. For everyone except the injured survivors and families of the dead, it was an unexceptional day in a conflict that much of the world appears to have forgotten.

Peppered with violence
Where it happened

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