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Africa, With Bobi Wine, people power could finally win in Uganda

Par Patience akumu - 3 mn

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Patience Akumu is a writer for the Kampala Observer in Uganda

We Are Fighting for Freedom is the unofficial anthem of Kamwokya, a slum in Kampala, Uganda, where the musicianturned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu – whose stage name is Bobi Wine – grew up. Kyagulanyi released the song to express his anger at attempts to amend the constitution to give president Yoweri Museveni yet another term in office, after 32 years in power.

The song can be heard through torn curtains and across open sewers, mixing potently with the resolute words Free Bobi, which are sprayed across fragile walls.

The government is terrified of Kyagulanyi. It has clobbered his supporters and journalists, and even imposed an electricity blackout as he was due to appear on Voice of America. The money it has tried to use to bribe Kyagulanyi’s young supporters from the ghettos, called the “people power” movement, betrays its desperation.

It lends credence to the idea that Kyagulanyi is on to something bigg...