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#1 - Brett Kavanaugh and the American justice

The big story, Kavanaugh confirmation

Par Ed Pilkington - 3 mn

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The big story, Kavanaugh confirmation : Analysis, The Political Fallout

The power and the fury

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Activists outside the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington DC ALEX WONG/GETTY

• After a three-month confirmation process, Brett Kavanaugh finally sworn in as an associate justice

• A 50-48 Senate majority voted to confirm after a brief FBI investigation into allegations of historic sexual misconduct

• Trump’s second appointment secures a 5-4 supreme court conservative majority for a generation

• Feminists vow to fight against Republican control of House and Senate in 6 November midterms

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Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the supreme court leaves Congress – and a nation – deeply scarred

With the dust barely settling after a process that was meant to uphold the sanctity and august bearing of the supreme court but ended up being one of the most partisan, and narrowly won, confirmation proceedings in history, brickbats continued to fl y over the weekend. Thousands of women and men rallied outside the court last Saturday in protest as ...

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