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#1 - Brett Kavanaugh and the American justice

The big story, Kavanaugh confirmation : Analysis, The Political Fallout

Par Tom McCarthy - 6 mn

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Mr Justice Kavanaugh takes the oath of office SHAWN THEW/EPA

Brett bounce? Confirmation battle may have huge effect on midterm voting

Even before Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, stories emerged about how Republican voter enthusiasm had spiked in outrage over the treatment of the supreme court nominee.

The “Brett bounce”, as political news website Axios christened it, anticipating a potential windfall point or two for Republicans in November’s midterm elections. Slate noticed that Republican women in particular seemed to be invigorated by Kavanaugh’s tribulations at the hands of Senate Democrats. McClatchy spoke with three Republican pollsters: all reported soaring enthusiasm among GOP respondents after months of apathy and malaise.

For progressives, the news set off every alarm. Anger that Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual assault had been slighted. Distress that anyone could react to her testimony – and to the petulance of Kavanaugh’s response – that way. Anxiety ...