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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

Analysis, Football Investments are protected and for now ronaldo is toobig to fail

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Global brand Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus is one of the world's most marketable sports stars ALESSANDRO SABATTINI/ GETTY

As the Uefa Nations League weekender rolled on from last Friday into Tuesday it was hard not to luxuriate a little in the glow of international football, to feel fuzzy and loved-up still from that sun-bleached World Cup. The new Nations League has been criticised for its fiddly nature but whatever the background noise there is an undying grandeur to these games. Netherlands v Germany remains one of the great European retrohate matches , and on Monday night Spain, still stung from the summer, still effortlessly talented, lost their first competitive home match for 15 years against a rejuvenated England.

There was one major absence from this spectacle. Cristiano Ronaldo did not play for Portugal against Poland, nor in last Sunday’s friendly against Scotland. Officially he is being rested. Unofficially he is mounting his defence, public and legal, to allegations...