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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

Analysis, Saudi unease Khashoggi case raises awkward questions for kingdom's allies

Par Ian Black - 4 mn

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Jamal Khashoggi’s fate was still unknown at the time of going to press, but the repercussions of the Saudi journalist’s disappearance and reports of his killing are being felt around the Middle East, challenging US and western policy and fuelling regional tensions – while raising questions about the future of the conservative kingdom.

Leaks and rumours from Turkish and other sources about what happened to Khashoggi in his country’s Istanbul consulate have met with blanket denials of wrongdoing from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

But Saudi failure to engage directly with this issue will clearly not make it go away – as Recep Tayyi p Erdoğan stated bluntly last Thursday. In Washington, Donald Trump has been forced to express concern in the face of mounting congressional and media pressure. It is uncomfortably close to home, especially given his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s much-advertised friendship with Bin Salman.

The stakes are high, involving billions of dollars’ worth of arms...

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