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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

Architecture, Restoration projects and the far-right : This is the Modern World

Par Tim Adams - 6 mn

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A new photography project documents the experience of contemporary life

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Teeing off Mission Hills Caddies, Dongguan, China, 2011 ANDREW ROWAT

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Tame voyage Wild River, Florida, from Fake Holidays 2005 REINER RIDLER

Culture Photography

What does the 21st century look like? What are the resonant images of a civilisation that aspires to be global? These questions were the starting point for a project that formed in the mind of William A Ewing

Every epoch and generation had sought to define itself, William A Ewing believed, but how would you go about defining our own dizzying times? The exhibition that represents his tentative conclusions will open at the National Museum in Seoul, South Korea, later this year. It will then tour the globe – Beijing, Melbourne and Montreal are its first stops – for what Ewing hopes will be a decade-long journey. The exhibition consists of the work of 140 of the world’s most celebrated photographers – from Edward Burtynsky to Cindy Sherman – each of wh...