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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

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If you are reading this right now, then I suppose it has been successful

Has evolution been a success?

We don’t know because we haven’t got “there” yet!
Avril Taylor,
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Relatively speaking, it’s a mixed bag.
Charlie Bamforth,
Davis, California, US

Only for those who have the power to alter the laws of life as they deem fit.
R De Braganza,
Kilifi , Kenya

Yes. The fact that I can write this reply is proof enough.
David Turner,
Bellevue Heights,
South Australia

No. For species and individuals, it just leads to dead ends.
Anthony Walter,
Surrey, British Columbia,

Where there’s life, there’s hope.
Maurice Trapp,
Le Vigan, France

• Bacteria continue to evolve and thrive; the outlook for mankind, however, is not so rosy.
David Tucker,
Halle, Germany

AI enthusiasts would have us believe that we are only halfway there.
Lorna Kaino,
Western Australia

It’s far too early to tell, but to paraphrase a line from Wa...