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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

Global report, United Kingdom

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Lost in action British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, centre, and his EU counterparts take a break in the gardens at Chevening, his retreat inKent PATRICK TSUI/FCO

Border backstop impasse

A significant impasse over the issue of the Northern Ireland border has increased the likelihood of a Brexit deal being achieved only at the last minute, if at all, after a deal could not be reached in time for this week's scheduled European Union leaders' summit in Brussels.

Discussions appeared to have been held up by renewed differences on the so-called backstop arrangement insisted on by the EU to prevent a hard Irish border. The Northern Irish Democratic Unionist party, which props up May's slim majority in parliament, has threatened to withdraw government support if a backstop arrangement is agreed that would mean Northern Ireland remained in the EU customs union separately from the rest of the UK.

Detainee suicide bids rise

Suicide attempts have become more frequent i...