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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

Immigration, Denver's house of hope for migrant detainees

Par Olivia Solon Denver - 5 mn

One woman is putting her Christian values into practice in the home she opens to those released from detention

Eight years ago, Sarah Jackson went on an all-expenses-paid trip with her church to learn about immigration at the USMexico border. At the time, she viewed it as an opportunity for a free vacation.

“I was just living my perfect little life,” said the 34-year-old. “I didn’t know immigrant detention centres existed. I didn’t know about families being separated. I didn’t think there were people who were fleeing danger coming to the United States. It was not even a blip on my radar.”

The people she met on that trip – including a man fleeing Mexico after his pregnant fiancee was killed by a gang and a father with no criminal history who was deported from the US after police pulled him over for driving too slowly in a school zone – had such a profound impact on her that she pledged to help migrants.

“Over and over the Bible talks about treating the sojourner or immigrant as o...