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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

Italy : ‘He did it to save lives’ – migrants fight to save a mayor

Par Angela Giuff Rida - 3 mn

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France, Dead pricey: Paris only has graves for the rich

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In solidarity Supporters of Domenico Lucano MARCO COSTANTINO

Domenico Lucano revitalised his small town in Calabria by welcoming foreigners. Now he has been detained by the state

In 2009, shortly after his re- election as mayor and several years after he embarked on a policy of welcoming migrants as a means of reversing depopulation in his town, Domenico Lucano was shot at through the window of a restaurant where he was eating with friends . As if to ram home their opposition to his plans, the local mafia also poisoned two of his dogs.

Unperturbed, Lucano responded by installing a billboard at the entrance of the town, saying: “Riace – a town of hospitality.” The sign remains today, as does one on the main square that lists the 20 countries people have come from – Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, to name a few.

Riace, a tiny hilltop town in Italy’s southern Calabria region, has become famous for its much-lauded model of integration, which began in the late 1990 s and contin...

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