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Marine Conservation, The super Manx ocean cleanup

Par Sandra Laville - 7 mn

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On the Isle of Man, local people are working together to tackle the twin threats of plastic waste and overfishing

Standing on a windswept beach on the north-west coast of the Isle of Man, Bill Dale looked out on to plastic bottles, cartons and packaging forming a thick carpet covering the shingle below. It was 2007, the global plastic binge was already well under way, but the millions of tonnes of waste seeping into the oceans as a consequence had not reached public consciousness.

“My parents moved here after the Blitz in Liverpool , so I grew up on beaches around here,” said Dale of the island, a self-governing UK crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. “But what I was looking at then [in 2007] was plastic that was knee-deep. I was with a friend and we thought: 'Let’s just clean up this one beach.’ We had no idea then of the scale of the problem.”

It took six weekends, working long hours to coll...