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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

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Architecture, Restoration projects and the far-right : This is the Modern World

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Prepare yourself for a bumpy but satisfying ride
As I open the pages of the last old-style Guardian Weekly, I find myself reflecting on what a roller coaster ride it is , particularly if read in one fell swoop (5 October). From deadly smog in Delhi to a flicker of hope in Afghanistan . From a whale stranded in the Thames to hope for coral reefs off Florida . From the toxic machismo ruling global politics to communities in the UK taking back control.

From questioning western philosophy and its privileging of linear time to extolling the benefits of Buddhist philosophy and practice. From the horror depicted in Jusepe de Rivera’s art to the bright red beauty and power of the autumnal hawthorn berry . From the bloodied image of a woman in Nicaragua to a glimpse of a raven in flight in the Scottish Highlands.
It can be a bumpy ride you just need to make sure that you come off at the far end feeling stimulated, positive and even exhilarated rather than dumped, immobilised and scare...

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