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#2 - Jamal Khashoggi case

The big story, Crisis in the kingdom

Par Martin Chulov Istanbul - 5 mn

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Analysis, Saudi unease Khashoggi case raises awkward questions for kingdom's allies

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Jamal Khashoggi

• The journalist was last seen in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul

• Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been accused of ordering Khashoggi's murder

• The scandal threatens to inflame regional tensions, especially between Saudi Arabia and Iran

• President Donald Trump caught in a delicate spot, as the US has weapons deals with the Saudis

Mohammed bin Salman has taken a page from Putin – what does that mean for his country?

In early 2016, when Mohammed bin Salman was still deputy crown prince and Donald Trump still a contender for US president, the then 30-year-old Saudi summoned senior British officials to Riyadh to see him. He had one thing on his mind, said two of the officials present that day – how to deal with Vladimir Putin.

The Russian president’s role in the Middle East had suddenly expanded and his footprint throughout Europe and the US was growing just as rapidly. The young prince seemed curious about what the mercurial Putin had been up to: anne...

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