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Artist profile: Jack Hughes

Par Samantha Stocks - 6 mn

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Lessons in leaning out

The retro aesthetic of Jack Hughes’ 1 illustrations has won him work from an impressive array of clients including Vogue, Adidas, Burberry, and The New York Times. He opens up about balancing social expectations and creative slumps with productivity.
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Have you always had an interest in art, or did something in particular inspire you to start creating?

I wasn’t a terribly academic child, even from a young age. My parents were very easy on me — they never pushed for me to better my grades in subjects like science and maths. I think their ultimate goal was for me to be happy and to encourage and support me in whatever path I chose, that path being art! It was the only real talent or interest I possessed from a young age, so it was only natural that I continued down this path lest I risk falling into a career I didn’t like, spending life regretting my earlier choices.

Did you go on to study illustration?

I discovered my love for illustra-tion at Wimbledon Art College before continuin...

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