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The Drifter, New Orleans

Inspiration can present itself in many forms: artefacts, people, places, ideas, or even methods and processes. In this issue, we look into alternative ways of making work fit around personal needs and requirements by speaking with makers such as Jono Smart, a Glasgow-based independent potter, and Emily Fischer, of Brooklyn-based Haptic Labs. Both entrepreneurs left their fast-paced careers in advertising and architecture, respectively, to find a way of life that worked for them, abandoning conformity to structure a more suitable work-life balance and immerse themselves in the creative process. For Jono, while creating his earthenware, he found it was possible to recover from the depression that had blighted him for years. For Emily, stepping back from working long hours allowed her to spend more time with her young daughter while pursuing her passions by running her own business.
This resonates with us, personally, as parents of two young daughters — we welcomed our second in Febru...

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