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Home Visit: Anna Hoover

Par Samantha Stocks - 4 mn

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The Scavenger Hut is a bespoke-designed writing studio, and the part-time home of filmmaker and printmaker Anna Hoover. Working with Les Eerkes at Olson Kundig Architects on creating a space that overlooks beautiful Puget Sound in Washington State, Anna has tailored the studio to meet her needs, with dramatic results.
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Why did you decide to have the studio custom- built, instead of looking for a place that already existed? Did you have a vision for it long before you began planning for it?

The studio was built on a family property in a setting dear to my heart. It all started with the acquisition of a Glen Alps Printing Press — I trained in printmaking in college — deserving of a worthy and inspired home.

I’d been cutting ideas from magazines and had been keeping a list of desired functions of the space, such as an open floor plan, high ceilings, guest sleeping quarters, a work area, a fireplace for heat, and plenty of natural light.

What do you primarily use the studio for?


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