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Kokko, stavanger

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Coffee shop, coffee roaster, and... architecture studio? It’s all in a day’s work for coffee-loving architect Ole Marius Skjærseth, whose combination of work and play has helped ignite a passionate coffee scene in one of Norway’s most beautiful cities.
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The pairing of a coffee shop and a coffee roastery is quite the winning combination — if you’ve ever walked into a café like The Barn in Berlin, or Sightglass in San Francisco, you’ll know that the arresting sights, sounds, and smells of roasting coffee make for fantastic foreplay while you wait for your brew to be made. But at Kokko, in Norway’s picturesque city of Stavanger, a third and seemingly unconnected component forms part of the equation: an architecture studio.

This unique, three-pronged business is the brainchild of Ole Marius Skjærseth, a Stavanger native whose career in architecture melds perfectly with his passion for coffee. And, being an architect afforded Ole a luxury most of us don’t have: to be in complete control...

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