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Lessons in leaning out

Par Emily Fischer - 4 mn

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Seeds of change

Emily Fischer of Brooklyn-based creative studio Haptic Lab argues against Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ notion of work ethic, which professes to empower women in the workplace. A former architect and self-confessed work addict, Emily now takes an entirely different approach to her working life, realising that working all hours isn’t necessary to maximise productivity.
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For most creatives, the desire to have unstructured time to explore ideas comes naturally. It’s as necessary as food, as sleep. We don’t work for work’s sake. But when I founded Haptic Lab, I’d just left the proverbial salt mines of the architecture profession; I had a cult-like devotion to work itself, a philosophy owed almost entirely to the competitive Roarkian 2 underpinnings of that environment. As a woman, I felt I had a lot to prove as an architect and then as a design entrepreneur. I felt I had to be working all the time.

For Haptic Lab to thrive, I needed to find a proper rhythm and focus on my craft. I had to...

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