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Seeds of change

Par Samantha Stocks - 5 mn

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New heights

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Coupling science and the arts harmoniously, Julien Antih and Alexandra (Sash) Strelcova founded Haenke — a space combining botanical lab, education platform, arts space, and concept store into one. With the simple goal of connecting people and plants, they discuss the many challenges they face when imparting complicated information to the public. By Lagom.
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Put together a pharmacist and a creative, and imagine what kind of business they could run together — you might be hard-pressed to think of something. There aren’t many industries or disciplines where the sciences and the arts can naturally intertwine without clashing, but with Haenke, it seems like the perfect combination.

Founded by Julien, a pharmacist, and Sash, a creative, Haenke sits as something of a mediator between two different fields, with the goals of connecting the public with the world of scientific domains studying the use of plants, and imparting knowledge of how plants can benefit people’s lives — be that via ...

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