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Spaces & Places : A Taste for Tradition

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Spaces & Places : Mixing Work & Play

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Photo : Cauliflower and goats milk (left); pike perch, smoked pike perch pancake, and spinach (right)

Helsinki restaurant Juuri 1 is leading the way in modern Finnish cuisine with its fresh and honest ‘sapas’ dishes. We spoke to co-founder Jarkko Myllymäki about their popularity.

Sapas was a type of dish I’d never heard of before, let alone tried. But the description of this relatively new cuisine on the Scandi scene had me eager to visit Juuri, a small and unassuming restaurant on Korkeavuorenkatu Street, just a stone’s throw away from Helsinki’s bustling shopping centre.

Juuri—the birthplace of the sapas dish—is so called to hint at the notion of the restaurant itself: the Finnish word juuri means ‘root’. A nod to the root vegetables that are a staple on the menu, the name also honours Finnish heritage, celebrating traditional cultural food while bringing it into the 21st century. “In essence, the name means that we have our roots in Finnish ground,” restaurant co-founder Jarkk...

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