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Issue 7

Editor’s Letter

Par Samantha Stocks, Elliot Jay Stocks - 1 mn

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Ocean Sound Recordings, Giske

Atmosphere is a big part of what we enjoy about a space—be that a café, a hotel, or someone’s home. But it’s interesting to analyse just what it is about a space that gives it its own unique atmosphere. Is it the lighting? The décor? The smell? The music? Or perhaps it’s an interplay of all these things and more.

With Lagom, we’re fortunate to travel to where the stories take us—but not always. And so, without being able to visit absolutely everywhere, we often rely on the imagery and accompanying words to convey a location’s atmosphere. That got us think-ing: what more could we do to really bring a place’s atmosphere to our readers? Very broadly, atmosphere is a sensory experience, and with this issue, it feels like ‘sense’ has emerged as the core theme: the stunning scenery surrounding Giske’s Ocean Sound Recordings, Athens’ open-air cinemas, and Lapland’s Tree hotel; the very literal focus on smell at London’s Experimental Perfume Club; and the emphasis on being present in the m...

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