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Mandelson Joins Brexiters With Attack On May’s Eu ‘Humiliation’

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Comment : "Half in, half out, Chequers plan offers worst of both world"

Better to leave than back May – Labour peer

PM slumps in poll as criticism mounts

Britain’s former trade commissioner in Brussels, Lord Mandelson, today makes common cause with hardline anti-EU Tories , saying that Theresa May’s latest Brexit blueprint would lead to “national humiliation” and leave the country in a worse position than if it turned its back on the entire European economic system. In an extraordinary intervention that shows that even the most ardent Remainers in parliament find the plans unacceptable, Labour peer Mandelson says they would deliver “the polar opposite of taking back control”, and would mean “the EU would ultimately call the shots, not just now but indefinitely”.

Writing in today’s Observer – as a new Opinium poll shows support for the Tories has haemorraghed and backing for Ukip has soared since the plans were agreed by the cabinet 10 days ago – Mandelson writes: “Britain, in effect, would be entrapped and the more you think through the implications ...

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