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Critics, Theatre : Oh, we hear you all right

Plenty of curios await in the BFI’s comedy season. Plus, the long-awaited UK release of Snowpiercer

It’s the one of the oldest complaints in showbiz, and still it persists: dying is easy, comedy is hard, yet the latter gets less respect. The generally serious-minded BFI is looking to rectify that with its annual winter retrospective season . Previous editions have been thematically devoted to gothic, romance and black cinema, but Comedy Genius in an elastic range of modes and styles – is the focus of this year’s, running the gamut from the Marx brothers to Girls Trip. For those who can’t get to the cinema, however, the ever-improving BFI Player has its own pleasingly diverse range of comedy options, some obvious (it’s not like you need another outlet through which to view Bridesmaids, but there it is just in case), but many significantly harder to find in the streaming universe.

Best of all is a surprisingly expansive collection of entirely freeto-stream material, much of which is...

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