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The Aids Memorial

Agenda : On my radar, Bobby Gillespie

Par Kathryn Bromwich - 3 mn

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Trust the C of E to miss the point of Halloween

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The singer and musician Bobby Gillespie was born in Glasgow in 1962 . He played drums in the Jesus and Mary Chain before forming Primal Scream in 1982 . Primal Scream have released 11 studio albums , including 1991’s Screamadelica , which w on the inaugural Mercury prize . For their following album, they moved from acid house and psychedelia to blues and classic rock. Th e outtakes from those sessions, Give Out But Don’t Give Up: Th e Original Memphis Recordings , are out now on Sony .

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1. TV
Massacre at Ballymurphy, Channel 4

I never really watch television, but I was alerted to this by my friend. It’s a documentary about the killings of 11 workingclass Catholics in Belfast in August 1971 , by the 1st battalion, Parachute Regiment , who were involved in Bloody Sunday five months later. And it was covered up . Th ey put out a communique saying that the paratroopers had fought a two-hour gun battle with 20 IRA activists , but there was no battle . It was fascinating TV, espec...

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