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The Aids Memorial

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Par Rowan Moore - 14 mn

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Thomas Heatherwick’s swooping 35-metre roof extension, tiled with Welsh slate, which tops the former coal sheds at King’s Cross. Luke Hayes, Hufton and Crow

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A view of the upper deck of shop units with the Gasholder residential development behind. Luke Hayes

Spectacular ‘kissing’ roofs top the stunning new high-end shopping mall in converted London coal sheds. Butin transforming industrial land, writes Rowan Moore, developers have turned King’s Cross into a pseudo-public space that doesn’t quite feel real

I am reading the most pretentious and verbose label ever attached to tea towel, If it were a caption next to a work of contemporary art, you would think it excessive. The towel, to give you a condensed version "twists the traditional expression of a kitchen textile"; with "a vibrant melange look", achieved by doing interesting things to yarns and twill stripes, it "adds a contemporary edge to the kitchen". The tea towel costs £15. Fifteen pounds! Enough to say that it's a very n...