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Books, Politics : This is no way to get the party started

Par Stephen Bush - 4 mn

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Philip Collins attempts to persuade that a new movement is necessary. Getty

A blueprint for a new political movement contains few proposals that we haven’t seen before in Lib Dem or Labour manifestos

Start Again: How We Can Fix Our Broken Politics
Philip Collins
4th Estate, £9.99, pp224

What should you do if the prospect of five more years of Conservative government makes you feel sick but you don’t want Jeremy Corbyn to be prime minister?

That’s the question that is a frequent topic of conversation at Westminster, particularly among Labour MPs of a New Labourish persuasion. Although some are open to the idea of splitting away, most are opposed, though there is a small but influential cadre of New Labour alumni who are willing to bend their ears about the benefits of a split. One of those privately and publicly advocating for some kind of new party is Philip Collins , formerly Tony Blair’s speechwriter and now ensconced at the Times as a columnist .

Start Again is Collins’s a...

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