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Critics, Theatre : Oh, we hear you all right

Par Susannah Clapp - 5 mn

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Out 038 497
‘A masterclass in judging people by gesture’: Shaniqua Okwok, Seroca Davis and Kayla Meikle in ear for eye at the Royal Court. Photograph by Tristram Kenton

debbie tucker green delivers blistering insights into racism in the west. Elsewhere, joyous teenage kicks and a gasp-out-loud denouement

Ear for eye
Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, Royal Court, London SW1 ; until 24 Nov
The Wolves
Theatre Royal Stratford East, London E15 ; until 17 Nov
I and You
Hampstead, London NW3; until 24 Nov

Audiences at the Royal Court are particularly attentive. But they seldom get up on their feet to applaud. Yet on the press night of debbie tucker green ’s new play there were whoops... an acknowledgment that the stage had had a wallop. That here was a dramatist (directing her own work) who was not trying to persuade or cajole but to effect a gear change. Not saying: look at it my way. But saying: this is how it is.

ear for eye, which garnered some publicity for not wishing to say anything about it...

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