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Par Alexander Larman - 1 mn

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Eric Idle
Weidenfeld, £20, pp304

Eric Idle’s “sortabiography” is at its strongest on his early years in TV and radio comedy , capturing the infectious glee with which the Monty Python troupe went about subverting the British establishment. A s the scene changes to wealthy California , and the namedropping anecdotes proliferate (“I have met many people in my life, and, sadly, many of them were not famous”), something of the initial charm is lost, but Idle’s breezy style makes this a thoroughly pleasurable read.

Stephen Fry
Penguin, £20, pp480

Stephen Fry’s follow-up to his 2017 retelling of Greek myths, Mythos , is another assured and engaging book, combining well-written and fresh versions of the legends of Heracles , Perseus, Theseus among others with a lightly pedagogical version of his public persona. Th e book seems to be aimed mainly at teenagers rather than adults, though no one will care about that. Th e pace is lively, t...