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Three spine chillers so halloween lasts longer

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The Fear
Devised and hosted by comedy writer Sarah Morgan , this podcast asks three questions of its guests: their favourite scary scene from film or TV; something that made them scared as a child; and a fear that they still have now. Guests include Richard Osman, Alice Lowe , Carrie Quinlan and plenty of others of the standupilk; the chat is open and revealing. (Robin Ince is on the most recent Halloween Spectacular and is super lovely.) Th e sound production has improved a lot since Th e Fear joined Great Big Owl’s podcast offerings for its most recent series.

The NoSleep Podcast
In 2010, a Reddit forum, itself called NoSleep, became a place for people to post original scary stories. An online version of telling spooky stories round the campfire, the podcast version started a year later. Created by Matt Hansen , hosted and produced by David Cummings, NoSleep the podcast offers short horror fiction, atmospherically read by Cummings. A...