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The Observer - 22 July 2018

Brexit campaign chief must be hauled before Commons: Mps

Par Toby Helm & Carole Cadwalladr - 3 mn

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Number of NHS beds for mental health patients slumps by 30%

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Shahmir Sanni, who exposed the overspending by the Vote Leave campaign that was confirmed by the Electoral Commission’s verdict last week. Photograph by Katherine Anne Rose for the Observer

Anger grows over Cummings no-show

Key Leave leaders ‘not held to account’

A cross-party group of MPs today demands new powers that would force witnesses to give evidence before parliament or face possible imprisonment , as anger grows over the refusal of the former Vote Leave director, Dominic Cummings, to answer claims that the organisation that helped to deliver Brexit broke electoral law.

Pressure for parliament to be able to force attendance is coming from senior parliamentarians, including the chairs of several powerful select committees. A parliamentary report from the all-party digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) committee is also expected to call for parliament to have the ability to demand attendance, backed by the threat of sanctions, this week.

Anger at Cummings’s refusal to...

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