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Dialogues with solitudes

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The big picture of the week, by The Observer.

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Chicago, 1956, by Dave Heath

Dave Heath took this picture in Chicago in 1956, the year that Martin Luther King Jr first spoke at the city’s university about the injustices of segregation: “This is a conflict between the forces of light and dark, and in the end there will be victory for justice and democracy because love will triumph!”

Heath himself had not long returned from a different conflict, the Korean war, where he had seen two years’ service as a machine gunner alongside Americans of all races. He had a camera with him and used it to capture his fellow soldiers in private thought. When he came home, he employed that same eye on city streets and subways.

Over the course of a decade, Heath built up a body of work, which he published as one of the most celebrated photographic books of the 1960s: A Dialogue With Solitude . One section , which focused on African Americans, included this picture of a woman on a street corner. He p...

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