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New review

The New Review - 27th July

Cover Story - ‘I get no joy from being right. I wanted there to be progress’

Par Tim Adams - 18 mn

Une longue et passionnante interview en anglais de Spike Lee sur son dernier film BlacKkKlansman. Le réalisateur parle de sa façon de faire des films et d'activisme (qui sont pour lui liés). Le ton est parfois un peu désabusé mais souvent très drôle ("My friends call me Negrodamus!")

Spike Lee has made a career out of telling it like it is. His latest film, the story of a black detective who went undercover with the KKK, finds the director in unrepentant mood. Here he talks ‘wokeness’, vindication and America today.

Spike Lee has heard all his film-making life that he is preoccupied with race. Sometimes the criticism has not come from obvious voices. Back in 2000 , when Lee suggested that a lot of African American comedy and music – including gangsta rap – was not far removed from minstrel shows, the actor Jamie Foxx observed: “I think it’s getting to the point where nobody cares, because he talks about it so much that now he’s just become the angry guy, the angry black man.”

For a long time, Lee has been proposing an idea of America – that its stories should be told in the context of its violently racist past – that not everyone wanted to hear. In the present political moment, however, with the president that he calls Agent Orange in the White House, he is, ...